Tea Wing

Tea Wing + Pat Kim Matcha Kit


Tea Wing is proud to introduce the Tea Wing + Pat Kim Matcha Kit. 

Developed as a collaboration between Brooklyn based designer Pat Kim, and Tea Wing, this new matcha kit highlights the marriage of tea and design that lies at the very heart of Tea Wing. Hand crafted in both Brooklyn, NY and Karatsu JP, each kit is one of a kind. 

The set includes:

* Chasen whisk (Japan)

* Steam bent white oak chashaku scoop (New York)

* Felt lined trivet (New York)

* Karatsu-yaki chawan tea bowl (Japan)

* Removable serving tray with hand-dyed leather – doubles as the kit's lid (New York)

* A locally sourced river rock for resting the scoop during tea making (New York)

* A handcrafted basswood carrying / display case with leather detailing (New York)

Every detail has been considered in helping you achieve a higher level of tea preparation.

This is a custom item, please allow 2 weeks for fulfillment.